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Vortrag: FabLabs are not Hackerspaces!

The story of an art driven 3D printing research facility


A report on the german fablab scene features connections between art, science, and business aspects of active stakeholders. The goals of fablabs and hackerspaces are discussed in perspective to visitors and industrial players, garnished with experiences from an art driven facility.

As an independent research facility, founded by two entrepreneurs based in art and computer science, we faced the challenges of setting up a new kind of place where art, science and technology meet. One of the unexpected phenomenons was a cultural shock as what a fablab is. We like to show the different prospects of facilities and departments prospering in and around Germany. Despite all persons and societies share the same name, their views are very different. Further the established communities of hackerspaces have a completely different understanding of their activities and goals to reach, in comparison to makerspaces. As a general overview about different players and stakehoders is given, we discuss the Influence of key industrial giants and their use of patents and intellectual properties to the maker scene; maker faires and makerbot, as brands of large players, who use their power to form and influence open communities are the subject of our investigation. The report is rounded up by our vision of an art driven fablab as an enabling way of granting a wider audience access to open tools and appeal of doing things by themselves. A strong affordance character of such playful place is mandatory for the success of this kind of facility. The hurdles set by the operators for the visitors to overcome had to be low. We report on a year of activity in sharing knowledge, art and technology.


Tag: 16.05.2015
Anfang: 13:00 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Room: Aula

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