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Vortrag: Does your doorbell have a firewall?

Reverse-engineering simple wireless devices


I'll walk you through the reverse-engineering of a handful of simple mass-produced cheap wireless devices including several kinds of wireless doorbell and a wireless motion detector. I'll show you how to find signals on a PCB without a schematic, how to decode them, and how to interpret and generate them. After that, I'll give a short discussion on the security and privacy aspects of even simple devices like these, which are often overlooked.

Ever wanted to spy on your neighbors? Find out when they lock and unlock their cars? See when they're out in the garden? Do you want everyone to know these things about you? We're used to securing fancy wireless devices like telephone networks and Wi-Fi, but we tend to ignore simpler wireless appliances. Is your doorbell spying on you? Is your remote-activated motion detector light broadcasting your presence? Is your wireless smoke detector network listening for someone next door to scream "Fire"? We'll look into the depths of the cheap plastic boxes of mass-produced cheap wireless devices and look at how they work. I'll show you how to follow signals on a PCB you've never seen before, how to write code to detect and decode them, how to interpret the messages and how to generate your own. We'll then look at various scenarios that are relevant to security, privacy, and harassment. I'll then briefly talk about how these signals can be secured and why they usually aren't.


Tag: 16.05.2015
Anfang: 12:00 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Room: Aula

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