Version 3.9

Workshop: Grasp the edge without even touching

realtime webtechnology meets markerless motion tracking


Building a Kinect v2 Websocket bridge to a browser application with Processingjs. Markerless drag'n'drop gesture recognition, a collaborative Spline editor and different simplistic game idea sketches.

We set up a SignalR host in C# that wraps the Kinect SDK 2.0, define a data structure to submit the skeletal position and hand gesture tracking, and use this as input for a Processingjs application to visualize and interact with.
The focus is on the technology to bridge the gap between the two worlds of collaborative realtime web technology and other hipster band-wagon hypey stuff, or are Kinects already out again?

Bring your own Kinect sensors, ideally version 2, and a Windows notebook with USB 3.